Tips for Saving Money: How To Get Discounts on Everything You Buy

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Why We Shop

Tips for Saving Money starts with the question, why do we shop?

You may be thinking about the reasons you shop.

The answer is simple – because you like shopping or there is something new you want!

Whether you have money to spend or not, there is something in us that enjoys the hunt for a bargain and finding something new to wear or new to add to our collection of furniture or waredrobe.

The reason you have a basket with your groceries in the supermarket is because you enjoy a bargain – who doesn’t? That is why when shopping online you still have a basket but you have to know were to find your bargain. We love the feeling of the rush of buying a bargain and walking away with a good sense of satisfaction.

So here are the main reasons we shop:

  • To feed our desires for entertainment
  • To feed our desires for the latest fashion
  • The desire to have the newest item out
  • or the desire to replace an old item the list goes on….

We get a lot of pleasure from wanting new things and satisfying our wants. It feels great to save up for something we really want.

Tips for Saving Money and the Best Deals

These tips will help you save money on almost everything you buy, even items you think you can afford.

1. Shop on the Right Days

Going shopping on a Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, you will be more likely to get the best deals out of the week.

Go shopping on Wednesday and Thursday and you may not find many deals.

Similarly, Sundays will be less busy than the other days of the week and you’ll have an easier time trying to find a great deal on your favourite products.

There are also some sales that start on Monday – it might be worth going shopping on a Tuesday also, as Monday & Tuesday are good day for online shopping.

2. Check Coupons

Going through your coupon collection is a great way to save some money on purchases.

Before you check out at a store, take a look at the coupons you have at home.

If you carn’t find any coupons at home you can always visit AllAboutPromotions.co.uk to find great discounts, offers & giveaways.

3. Cash Back

You can always sign up to a cashback app, website and some banks & credit cards offer this fascilatity.

Here are some great cashback sites.

  1. Quidco
  2. Honey
  3. TopCashback
  4. Swagbucks

Tips for Saving Money Shopping Online

Now that you have a great resource of cheap deals on things you may need, you can go to your local or online shopping sites and find your items cheaper.

Some sites even let you pick up items from your local store if they have a sale on items that you want. For example, Boomf has a 15% off coupon that you can use when you buy 2 products.

At stores like Zaful, Eleonora Bonucci, Boots & Banggood, you can find great deals on clothing, home furnishings, and other categories that you want.

Savings Tips for Saving Money

You can find some great savings tips online on how to save on almost everything that you purchase.

How to Save Your Money

The article has been written by allaboutpromotions.co.uk and I have used these tips myself. I was in one time given money for a laptop.

£250 for £140. I’m also told that my laptop was already paid for when I bought it so the £250 was just for the upgrades, the spare keys and the case.

I wanted to get rid of it quickly as I had another laptop that was working just fine.

I decided to sell my old laptop on EBay.

In less than three days it was sold for over £500.

This means that in total I got £850 for a £140 laptop.

I didn’t pay any commission and I only had to deal with PayPal which was very fast and easy to use.

By using PayPal I avoided paying any fees.

Tips for Saving Money Conclusion

By the end of this post you will see the power of the internet to save money when shopping online.

I know that many people shy away from the internet because they think they are not going to save much money.

I would like to tell you that you are wrong!

By using the right techniques it is possible to get some amazing deals.

I will leave you with one more cool website for finding some awesome deals online.

A Word From The Pros

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Saving money is something we should all strive to do.

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