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Create Beautiful Competitions with Gleam

Easily set up and run giveaways, contest & sweepstakes that drive real user engagement with Gleam.

Verified Actions

Unlike most other platforms gleam.io verify every entry to social networks (where allowed). This reduces the number of steps required to enter, saves you time & drives higher quality entries into your campaign.

Gleam Built-in Viral Sharing

Reach more potential entrants by allowing users to refer their friends with custom viral referral links. Support for 10+ ways to share.

More Features include

  • Responsive Widgets
  • Unlimited Potential
  • Smart Notification Emails
  • Fraud Protection
  • 25 Languages
  • Easily Pick Winners

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Instant Rewards

Create unlockable rewards using millions of action combinations in minutes.

Endless Possibilities

The type of Reward determines how your incentive gets delivered to the user, then setup your actions to unlock.

Coupons – Reward users with a unique coupons or keys after they complete the desired actions.

Downloads – Great for file downloads, music or giving users a preview of your new album.

Link – Give users access to any link after redeeming the reward, opening up endless possibilities.

Redirect – Immediately redirect users to a new location after they redeem your reward.

Increase Engagement

Over 40% of gleam.io users follow brands via email & social media purely to receive discounts or special offers. There Rewards widget allows users to have complete control on how they give that offer to there customers.

Stunning Galleries

Collect, curate & display the content that matters to your business.

Gleam 15+ Import Sources

Pull in media from #hashtags, @profiles, posts or even from your Competitions & Rewards. This includes:

  • Uploading a Photo
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • Tumblr
  • Soundcloud
  • & many more

Gleam Curate

Powerful curation options allow you to feature your best content & suppress the rest by approving or rejecting photos before the public can see them.

Gleam Embed Anywhere

Style the gallery then embed it anywhere that accepts HTML. It’s super flexible & fully responsive.

Gleam Interact

Users can browse galleries, share content & vote on their favourite pictures. You can even check out popular images in the leaderboard section of your dashboard.

Gleam Display at Any Size

Galleries were built to be displayed anywhere and at any size. So whether your galleries are being accessed on the go from a smartphone or at home on a big screen, they’ll always look their best.

Grow Your Email List

Target beautiful messages or opt-in forms to the right users at the right time to build your email list & grow your business.

Gleam Templates for Sweepstakes, Coupons, E-commerce & Brands

Capture makes it incredibly easy for businesses to build an email list & sync it with an email provider to send newsletters, product updates, special offers or announcements.

Powerful Rules

Show the right form to the right user, at the right time. Millions of potential combinations to help you find the right targeting.

  • GEO LOCATION – Limit the display of Captures to specific countries, or exclude countries from certain campaigns.
  • CURRENT URL – Display targeted Captures based on the current page URL. This allows you to get hyper-targeted.
  • ON EXIT – The On Exit rule allows you to display Captures and recover users that might be about to leave your site.
  • REFERRING DOMAIN – Show Captures based on the referring domain of a user, very useful for promotions or source specific designs.
  • TIME ON SITE – Wait until a user is engaged with your site or content to show them a Capture with this awesome rule.
  • TRIGGER MANUALLY – Trigger a Capture manually when a user clicks a link, perfect for downloads or content upgrades on blog posts.

Over 40+ Email Provider Integrations

Simply connect your email provider account & start sending emails directly into your lists. see intergrations

Powerful A/B Testing

See which opt-in form or capture works best within a given situation, show different ones based on different rules and promote the winning statistical variation.

Make it Personal

Use our CSS editor to change how any Capture looks and feels, or go completely custom and build your own templates with Custom Captures.

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